Two-Wheeled Motor Vehicles Code

Two-Wheeled Motor Vehicles Code

In addition to legislative and regulatory framework, advertising for two-wheeled motor vehicles, no matter their form, have to respect the following ethical rules:

1. Speed

The advert must not argue about speed, neither exploit the attraction it could represent, in the images, the sound, the overlays or in any other written information in the advert.

2. Technical characteristics

The advert must not argue in favour, or advertise kits/means which are likely to modify the technical characteristics of the commercialized products.

3. Active safety

The advert must not lead people to think that the qualities of the two-wheeled motor vehicle enable the driver to break the basic caution rules.

4. Highway code

The advert must not represent, in normal conditions of use, two-wheeled motor vehicles in violation with the rules of the Highway Code or security imperatives (in particular, users of two-wheeled motor vehicles are required to wear an approved helmet). 

5. Agressive behaviors

The advert must not arouse aggressive, violent driving behaviours or behaviour’s harmful to other road users (in particular, products should never be presented in a “Wheeling” situation, or rolling on a sidewalk, etc.).

6. Environment

The advert must not directly or indirectly show an all-terrain machine in conflict with the respected environmental rules.

Finally, non-compliant machines should not be loaned to the specialized media, especially to the specialized press to carry out “sensational” road test trials that do not comply with regulations and / or the Highway Code.