Automobile Code

Automobile Code

In addition to legislative and regulatory applicable rules, advertising for mass-produced cars, no matter their form, have to respect the following ethical rules:

1. The advert must not argue about speed, neither exploit the attraction it could represent, in the images, the sound, the overlays or in any other written information in the advert.

2. The advert must not evoke the power in reserve or the braking possibilities in order to encourage speed, but on the contrary it must present those elements as safety elements which effects can change in function of the quality and the state of the roads, the driving and  atmospheric conditions and the driver’s reactions, in order to contribute to develop the user’s sense of responsibility.

3. The advert, in the messages, must not lead people to think that the car’s qualities in active and passive safety enable the driver to break the basic caution rules.

4. The advert must not represent, in normal conditions of use, cars in violation with rules of the Highway Code or security imperatives.

5. The advert must not arouse aggressive, violent driving behaviors or behaviors harmful to other road users.

First version, november 1988.