Toys Code

Toys Code

In addition to legal provisions applicable, toy advertising targeting children and teenagers, no matter the form, must comply with these ethical rules :

1. Description

1.1 The written, audio or visual description of the toy must not mislead the consumer on its principal features (for example, performance, speed, solidity, durability, dimensions)

1.2 The advertisement must clearly indicate when some items must be bought separately (for example, batteries, paintings, additional accessories, etc.).

1.3 The advertisement must indicate « battery powered » when the toy does not perform function in a mechanic way. If a price is presented, the advertisement must indicate whether the batteries are provided or not.

1.4 As often as possible, the toys must be presented for both between boys and girls without distinction.

2. Size

The real size of the toys or their scale must be easily perceptible, preferably by presenting the toy next to an object whose size and scale can be easily known.

3. Movement

In all demonstrations, it must be made clear whether the movement is mechanical, electric or triggered by a manual action.

First version, september 1981.