Food products for children under 3 years old Code

Food products for children under 3 years old Code

1. Principal

Advertisement must not lead to think that usual industrial food products are suitable for specific nutritional needs of children under 3.

2. Uusual industrial food products

If usual products and products for children under 3 are presented in the same visual manner, there must be made no confusion between the different natures of each product.

3. Organic products

Advertising for bio organic food must not denigrate, directly or indirectly, food products for children under 3 which must comply with stricter regulation.

4. Absence of non authorized ingredients

Advertisement highlighting the absence of certain ingredients prohibited by regulation (for example: without colorants, without preservative, etc.) is not allowed except for the clear statements in the advertisement, such as “In compliance with applicable regulation”.

5. Endorsement

All scientific or medical endorsements claiming regulatory, nutritional or health security are prohibited.

First version, november 2000.