Advertising Vocabulary Code

Advertising Vocabulary Code

Any Advertising, not matter its format, which uses the vocabulary defined below deserves special attention and must therefore respect the following ethical rules:

1. The first, the best, the number 1, the specialist …

The use of these wordings or any similar wording must be based on specific evidence.

Where justification can be provided, it is advised that the imprecise and general character of the wording be corrected by specifying in what way the good or the service has the claimed qualities.

For instance, “the first” may refer to an anteriority in time or to a first place according to any other substantiated ranking.

2. New

The term “new” and its derivatives shall solely be used in connection with a true change in either the product or its use or in its presentation or its packaging provided that the novelty is clearly indicated as exclusively relating to these elements.

It is common practice to limit the use of this wording to a one year period.