Testimony and certification Code

Testimony and certification Code


Advertising claim, no matter the form, that uses testimonies or certifications, of well-known or not well known persons must comply with the following rules:«Marketing communications should not contain or refer to any testimonial, endorsement or supportive documentation unless it is genuine, verifiable and relevant. Testimonials or endorsements which have become obsolete or misleading through passage of time should not be used. »  Art. 13 ICC Code


It is forbidden to reproduce a part of or a whole certification, done on a private basis, which includes content that could be breaching applicable regulation or ARPP Codes.

Remit – Endorsement

When advertising, no matter the form, uses certifications and testimonies from well-know persons whose expertise is not questionable and allows them to give an authorized advice on the subject, the certifications must comply with these requirements:

  • They must be based on experiences with the product, which the person had himself/herself(or under his/her supervision) in regular use conditions.
  • The conditions in which the experience was ran and in which the results were found must be clearly indicated in a document drafted before the first publication of the advertisement.

First version, february 1979.