Call For Public Generosity Code

Call For Public Generosity Code

In addition to the applicable rules, advertising, which in one way or another involves public generosity, must, in any form whatsoever, respect the following provisions:

1. Objective

Advertising must not contain any inaccuracies, ambiguities or omissions which are likely to mislead the public as to the actual purpose of the organization or the use of the funds, products or services sought.

2. Reference to a specific action

Messages using the call for public generosity for a specific action must indicate the applicant and the intended destination of the solicited funds.

3. Reference to a person

Customized Messages

When advertising encourages the public to send funds, personalized messages suggesting a direct link between those in need of assistance and future donors (e.g., handwritten messages from children, signatures, etc. ) should be reserved for specific cases in which the organization has really established such  link.

Dignity of persons represented

The dignity of the persons represented must be respected.

Illustrations should not misuse the image of human distress.


Where reference is made to a known person and the name, representation or terms used by that person may be understood by the public as a guarantee of the seriousness of the organization, the person’s qualifications and thus the exact relationship between this person and the organization must be indicated.


Advertising must not reproduce or quote any attestation or recommendation that is not true and unrelated to the experience of the person who gives it. The use of outdated or inapplicable certificates or recommendations is prohibited.

4. References to surveys or statistics

Where advertising refers to the results of market and opinion studies and / or any statistics that measure behaviour or attitude, it must comply with the provisions of the ARPP’s code on the  “Results of market studies or survey”.