Occult Sciences Code

Occult Sciences Code


In addition to the applicable rules, advertising that refers to the occult sciences, in whatever way or form, must comply with the following ethical rules:

“Commercial communication, unless justified, must prohibit any exploitation of the feeling of fear … or  any exploitation of superstition …”

Article 4 ICC Code .

No advertisement should mention:

  • Explicit or implicit guarantees of result,
  • Infallibility, impossible promises, (e.g. “fulfillment of your vows”, “solution to all your problems”, etc.),
  • Ability to dominat e chances/ general probabilities,
  • Magic or sorcery,
  • Influence on free will (e.g. bewitchment) or on the feelings of others (e.g. return of affection or love from them),
  • Particular competencies in fields requiring a specific title or knowledge (such as health, justice, business, employment sectors etc.), “knowledge” or “science“, when the real content of it is not specified (e.g. whimsical diplomas not issued by the State),
  • Predictions made, when they cannot be proved by the documents published, or be authenticated by a ministerial officer, or by the reference to a relevant proof, (in that case, it will have to be mentioned explicitly in the advertisement,
  • personal” horoscopes when these are not the subject of an individual study (e.g. circulars, standard texts, etc.).